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Preenlistment For 2nd Semester (CRS)

“The results of the first preenlistment round for First Semester AY 2016-2017 have been released. Please log in to view your granted classes via the Preenlistment module.

The second preenlistment round for Second Semester AY 2016-2017 will start on 06 December 2016 (Tuesday) and will end on 02 January 2017 (Monday) at 11:59pm.  Your module is currently in view mode. If you wish to cancel a class, you can do so come 06 December 2016 when the second round of preenlistment starts. If you did not participate in the first round of preenlistment but will be participating in the second round, please fill out your Student Profile before preenlisting.

The result of the Second Batch Run is scheduled to be released on or before 04 January 2017 (Wednesday).

Students are advised to settle their accountabilities or process their scholarships (especially STFAP bracket / ST discount) ahead of time to avoid inconveniences during the registration period”



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