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2nd Batch Run Results and Registration Details (CRS)

he results of the 2nd Preenlistment Round are now available. You may login and view your enlisted classes through the Preenlistment module.

The Preenlistment period is now over and the module is now in view-only mode. Any further changes to your classes such as enlistment or cancelation have to be done on the registration period or earlier depending on the department. Please refer to the “Cancel At” column in your Preenlistment module to know where you should cancel your slot(s).

  • Form 5A Printing: Students advised by their home units/departments to print their own Form 5As may now do so using the Print Form 5A button inside the Preenlistment module.
  • Academic Eligibilities and Accountabilities: Students who have unsettled academic delinquencies are not allowed to enlist additional classes, have their enlistment locked, or proceed to payment. Academic delinquences must be settled first before you can proceed with your registration. For students with accountabilities, students may still enlist additional classes and lock/validate their enlistments; however, they cannot be assessed until they settle/waive their accountabilities.
    To find out how to settle your academic delinquencies and/or accountabilities, contact the office(s) indicated in the “To be settled at” column in your delinquencies table. (Log in to your account to see said table.)
    The CRS Team does not tag or lift delinquencies because only the units/offices who marked you as accountable have the authority to clear them. Please do not contact the CRS team to have your delinquencies lifted. Instead, go directly to the unit concerned to settle them.
  • Scholarships and ST Discounts: For students whose scholarships affect their tuition fee assessment, make sure that your scholarship or correct ST discount is displayed when you log in to CRS. If your scholarship is not correct, contact the concerned office (e.g. DLRC for DOST scholarships or OSSS for ST discounts) to have your scholarship corrected. You should finish this step before proceeding with the Tuition Fee Assessment/Form 5 Printing step to avoid paying the incorrect amount.

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