Why choose Mechanical Engineering?

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Why Mechanical Engineering?

“Cars, gundam, mechanical contraptions and whatnot.”

Also Lego.

Voltaire Paragas Student

“I didn’t choose the M.E. life, the M.E. life chose me.”

Kieth Dagondong Student

“Because of biomechanics. I thought that it would satisfy my curiosity and that I could contribute to humanity in a large way through its applications.”

Jasmine Gamboa Senior, 2017

“We all know everyone here wants to build the Ironman suit.”

Fulin Li Sophomore 2017

“I wanted to build my own power plant”

Arishil Mendiola Senior

“I’m 100% sure that the term ‘Ironman” is in one of the quotes here. I want to build an arc reactor.”

Matthew Arjonillo Sophomore 2017

“I chose mechanical engineering because I wanted to be an inventor who improves people’s lives”

Roy Fua Sophomore 2017