Graduate Program

Details on Masters program for MS Mechanical Engineering

Course Objectives Provide advanced training in the methods, tools and techniques of mechanical engineering
Core Courses > ME 258 - Advanced Machine Design
> ME 267 - Advanced Thermodynamics I
> ME 260 - Advanced Heat Transfer I
> ME 242 - Intermediate Mechanisms
Areas of Study > Automation, Control, and Robotics
> Biomechanics
> Computational Mechanics
> Fluids Engineering
> Machine Design
> Power and Energy
> Vehicle Engineering
Final Requirement Thesis
Total Number of Minimum Units 30

Graduate Program Subjects

Mechanical Engineering Subjects offered for Graduate Program. To see the full curriculum, check the bottom of the page.

ME 211 Safety Engineering Principles and practice of industrial safety and accident prevention. Local laws on
industrial safety.
3 units
ME 222 Fluid Machinery and Systems Fluid mechanics and thermodynamics of turbomachinery. Transient
analysis and fluid flow.
3 units
ME 224 Design of Fluid Machinery and Systems Design of turbines, blades and vanes, propellers, pumps and
fluid machinery systems.
3 units
ME 226 Gas Dynamics The fluid mechanics of compressible flow. Shock phenomena. Hodograph method.
Method of characteristics. Supersonic flow.
3 units
ME 231 Metal Cutting and Forming Mechanics of metal cutting and forming. Factors affecting metal working.
Advances in the field.
3 units
ME 236 Tool Engineering Design and analysis of dies, jigs, fixtures, hand tools and machine tools. 3 units
ME 242 Intermediate Mechanisms Kinematics of planar motion. Approximate and multiply-separated-position
synthesis of planar mechanisms. Graphical and analytical methods in synthesis.
3 units
ME 243 Advanced Mechanisms Analysis and synthesis of spatial mechanisms. Motion and geometric
considerations in the design of pair elements.
3 units
ME 258 Advanced Machine Design Special topics in stress and strain analysis. Optimization in the design of
machine elements. Statistical considerations in design.
3 units
ME 259 Composite Materials Properties and mechanics of composite materials. Stiffness, compliance and
strength of fibers, lamina and laminates.
3 units
ME 260 Advanced Heat Transfer I Transient conduction and convection. Multi-phase systems. Exact and
appropriate solutions. Boundary layer problems.
3 units
ME 264 Advance Heat Transfer II Radiation heat transfer in absorbing and non-absorbing media. Shape factors.
Thermal radiation from gases and flames. Solar energy
3 units
ME 267 Advanced Thermodynamics I Thermodynamics of unsteady flow processes. Entropy, availability and
reversibility. Thermodynamics of compressible flow.
3 units
ME 268 Advanced Thermodynamics II Thermodynamic relations. Thermodynamic equilibrium. Real gases.
Statistical thermodynamics.
3 units
ME 281 Advanced Refrigeration Processes, cycles and systems. Design problems and special applications
such as low temperature systems, liquefaction and production of industrial gases
3 units
ME 282 Advanced Air-Conditioning Psychrometry. Thermal comfort. Load profiles. System analysis and
3 units
ME 286 Combustion Theoretical and experimental analyses of combustion and explosion processes.
Detonation waves. Ignition, propagation and stability of flames. Combustion calculations.
3 units
ME 287 Fuels and Thermal Power Characteristics of gaseous, liquid and solid fuels. Indigenous fuels.
Combustion of fuels in furnaces, kilns, gas producers, engines and other thermal devices. Fuel treatment.
3 units