ME 211 Safety Engineering. Principles and practice of industrial safety and accident prevention. Local laws on industrial safety. 3 u.

ME 222 Fluid Machinery and Systems. Fluid mechanics and thermodynamics of turbomachinery. Transient analysis and fluid flow. Prereq: ME 122. 3 u.

ME 224 Design of Fluid Machinery and Systems. Design of turbines, blades and vanes, propellers, pumps and fluid machinery systems. Prereq: ME 122. 5 h (2 class, 3 lab) 3 u.

ME 226 Gas Dynamics. The fluid mechanics of compressible flow. Shock phenomena. Hodograph method. Method of characteristics. Supersonic flow. Prereq: ME 63. 3 u.

ME 231 Metal Cutting and Forming. Mechanics of metal cutting and forming. Factors affecting metal working. Advances in the field. Prereq: ME 136. 3 u.

ME 236 Tool Engineering. Design and analysis of dies, jigs, fixtures, hand tools and machine tools. Prereq: ME 155. 3 u.

ME 242 Intermediate Mechanisms. Kinematics of planar motion. Approximate and multiply-separated-position synthesis of planar mechanisms. Graphical and analytical methods in synthesis. Prereq: ME 142. 3 u.

ME 243 Advanced Mechanisms. Analysis and synthesis of spatial mechanisms. Motion and geometric considerations in the design of pair elements. Prereq: ME 242. 3 u.

ME 258 Advanced Machine Design. Special topics in stress and strain analysis. Optimization in the design of machine elements. Statistical considerations in design. Projects. Prereq: ME 155. 3 u.

ME 259 Composite Materials. Properties and mechanics of composite materials. Stiffness, compliance and strength of fibers, lamina and laminates. Prereq: ME 153. 3 u.

ME 260 Advanced Heat Transfer I. Transient conduction and convection. Multi-phase systems. Exact and appropriate solutions. Boundary layer problems. Prereq: ES 201, ME 64. 3 u.

ME 264 Advance Heat Transfer II. Radiation heat transfer in absorbing and non-absorbing media. Shape factors. Thermal radiation from gases and flames. Solar energy. Prereq: ES 201, ME 64. 3 u.

ME 267 Advanced Thermodynamics I. Thermodynamics of unsteady flow processes. Entropy, availability and reversibility. Thermodynamics of compressible flow. Prereq: ME 63. 3 u.

ME 268 Advanced Thermodynamics II. Thermodynamic relations. Thermodynamic equilibrium. Real gases. Statistical thermodynamics. Prereq: ME 267. 3 u.

ME 281 Advanced Refrigeration. Processes, cycles and systems. Design problems and special applications such as low temperature systems, liquefaction and production of industrial gases. Prereq: ME 181. 3 u.

ME 282 Advanced Air-Conditioning. Psychrometry. Thermal comfort. Load profiles. System analysis and design. Prereq: ME 182. 3 u.

ME 286 Combustion. Theoretical and experimental analyses of combustion and explosion processes. Detonation waves. Ignition, propagation and stability of flames. Combustion calculations. Prereq: ME 187. 3 u.

ME 287 Fuels and Thermal Power. Characteristics of gaseous, liquid and solid fuels. Indigenous fuels. Combustion of fuels in furnaces, kilns, gas producers, engines and other thermal devices. Fuel treatment. Prereq: ME 187 or ME 188. 3 u.

ME 296 Seminar. 1 u. per semester; maximum of 3 u. ME 298 Special Problems. 3 u.; may be taken twice, topics to be indicated for record purposes.

ME 300 Thesis. 6 u.