Forms and Guidelines

Guidelines (University Registrar)

The pdf files of the rules and guidelines below can be found on the Official Website of the University Registrar, link given below.

Academic Load: OUR Academic Load pdf

Academic Requirements: OUR Academic Requirements pdf

Attendance: OUR Attendance pdf

Student Classification: Classification of Students pdf

Change of Matriculation: OUR Changemat pdf

Enrolling Subjects Outside of the Curriculum: Enrolling Subjects outside of Curriculum pdf

Dismissal/Suspension of Classes: Dismissal/Suspension of Classes pdf

Registration and Enlistment Guidelines AY 16-17: ME Registration Guidelines (AY 1617_2)

For more information, check the link below;

Source: University Registrar Academic Information

Forms (College of Engineering site)

Advance Credit without Validation with more than 66 units

Application for Shifting within Engineering

Excuse Slip

Permit for Overload

Permit for Removal

Revised Yellow Readmission Form

Shifting Transfer Forms & Requirements

Substitution Form

Tagging Graduating Students in CRS

Transfer Clearance between UP Campuses

Validation Permit

Waiver of Prereq

Request for Certification / True Copy of Grades