Edwin N. Quiros

Associate Professor



  • BS in Mechanical Engineering, University of the Philippines Diliman, 1982
  • PhD in Energy Engineering, University of the Philippines Diliman, 1989

Research Interests

  • fuels
  • engine performance and emissions
  • vehicle performance and emissions
  • transportation
  • energy and power plant engineering
  • thermal processing and analysis

Research + Projects

Quiros, E. N. and Vergel, K. B. N., "Fuel Economy of Jeepneys in the Philippines," AUN/SEED/Net Regional Conference on Environmental and Energy Engineering, King Mongkut Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Thailand, Nov. 13-14, 2014.

Truong, P. K., Quiros, E. N., and
Rollon, A. P., "Performance and Emissions Characteristics of Ozonated Coconut Oil as a Biofuel for Diesel Engines," 2nd AUN/SEED/Net Regional Conference on New/Renewable Energy, Burapha University, Thailand, Jan. 21-22, 2010.

Quiros, E. N., "Philippine Experience in Biofuels," AUN/SEED/Net Workshop on New/Renewable Energy, Institute of Technology of Cambodia, Sep. 4, 2007.

Denoga, G. J. C., Quiros, E. N., "Comparing Diesel Fuels at Various T90 Distillation Temperatures: Engine Performance, Vibration and Emissions," Philippine Engineering Journal 2006, College of Engineering, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Q.C.

Quiros, E. N., "Engine Performance and Emissions Characteristics of a Diesel Fuel Additive," AUN/SEED-NET Field-Wise Seminar on Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering 2005, University of Malaya, September 5-6, 2005, Selangor, Malaysia.

Daisho Y., Yaeo T., Koseki T., Saito T., Kihara R., and Quiros E. N., "Combustion and Exhaust Emissions in a Direct-Injection Diesel Engine Dual-Fueled with Natural Gas," SAE 950465, Society of Automotive Engineers
International Congress & Exposition, February 27 - March 2, 1995, Detroit, Michigan.

Quiros, E. N., "Computer Modelling of Engine Cycles Using the Ideal Gas Approximation," Philippine Engineering Journal, December 1994.

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Congress & Exposition, February 1990, Detroit, Michigan.

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