Mechanical Corn Planter

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The Philippines is a country in need of improvements in the Agriculture Industry, and corn is the 2nd most abundant crop in the country. The traditional process of planting corn is laborious, with the farmer manually sowing the soil with either a carabao or a tractor, and dropping the seeds.


Using galvanized iron tubes, a metal sheet, two bearings, and metal plates, UPD MechEngg student Rosette Sabiniano designed a mechanical corn planter that speeds up the process of corn planting.


The corn planter has three functions that it simultaneously executes during usage; furrowing, seed dropping, and seed covering. The farmers just need to push down the handle to the desired depth and pull the planter. The highlights of the design are the seed container diameter, hole position in the seed containers, wheel diameter, furrower structure, and the anti-slippage structure. Another highlight of the planter is its modularity, which allows the farmers to easily repair the planter in case of a malfunction to a specific part.


“Based on my results, the equipment is 14 times faster than the method of planting applied today, so I think, that speaks for it,” in an interview with Sabiniano by GMA News.


In her study, she compared how long a farmer could plant corn in a 500 m2 plot of land. Using manual labor, it took about 1 hour and 47 minutes. With the use of her corn planter, farming that size of a land only took about 7 minutes. (GMA News)


“Sa nakikita ko kasi ngayon sa Pilipinas, yung mga equipment na available ay pangmaramihan, pangmalakihang sakahan. Pero nakakalimutan yata natin na large percentage ng mga magsasaka sa Pilipinas ay mahihirap. Maliliit lang sinasaka nila at hindi nila afford yung pinoproduce na equipment,”

(“In what I see now in the Philippines, the available equipment is mostly for large scale farming. However we forget that a large percentage of Philippine Farmers are poor. They can’t afford the produced equipment due to their smaller output.”), “My goal is to help the poor farmers in small scale farming”. (GMA News)


Sabiniano’s project won second place in UP College of Engineering’s Undergraduate Project Competition 2016, and her next plan is collaboration with the Department of Agriculture in developing her project.


This project has been finished since 2016 and is only being documented on the website this 2017.

Story and photos from GMA News and Inquirer