Machine Design and Biomechanics

A facility wherein people can design, produce, simulate, and test prototype products.

Vehicle Research and Testing Laboratory

This is the lab dedicated to testing and developing vehicles and vehicle engines.

Computer Integrated Manufacturing Laboratory

The lab is dedicated to improving production & manufacturing processes using automation.

HVACR Laboratory

This laboratory contains HVAC and Refrigeration trainers and models of the systems components and a number of hardware and software required for a more precise design and evaluation of HVACR units.

UPME Design and Manufacturing Center

A venue for both students and researchers to build prototypes and test, evaluate and implement theoretical ideas and system designs.

Instrumentation, Robotics, Control System Laboratory

The Lego Lab is dedicated to studying and developing control systems and robotics.

Metrology and Mensuration Laboratory

This laboratory serves the instrument calibration as well as the material testing needs of the industry and other institutions.

Power Laboratory

This laboratory houses several apparatus and systems such as micro steam power plant, dynamometer, and turbo machinery.


The Department maintains several laboratories and a manufacturing center