Vehicle Research and Testing Laboratory

About the Lab

The Vehicle Research and Testing Laboratory aims to:

  • Establish a National Vehicle Research and Development Testing Center.
  • Develop, with stakeholders, test protocols and propose standards and regulations on vehicle performance, design, fuels,  etc.
  • Conduct detailed technical assessment of technologies, fuels, and aftermarket products  related to vehicle performance and emissions.


Faculty Members

Dr. Edwin N. Quiros (Head)


PhD Advisees

MS Advisees

Graduate and Student Assistants

Possible Undergraduate Advisees

Featured Publications

  • Improving Fuel Economy Estimates on a Chassis Dynamometer Using Air-Conditioner Correction Factors
  • Engineering the “Modern Jeepney” or PUV Using A LPG OEM Platform
  • James Carl M. Satorre, Edwin N. Quiros, Jose Gabriel E. Mercado, Paul L. Rodgers: Fuel Economy Results From Diesel Engine Tuning for Steady Speed and Drive Cycle Operation, 2021