Machine Design Laboratory

Available Equipment


  • Ansys multi-physics campus license
  • Matlab campus license
  • Geomagic Rapidform
  • Pro-Engineer


  • Universal Testing Machine
  • Handheld 3d laser color scanner
  • Six FDM 3d printers
  • 16-micron SLA printer
  • Workstations and Server
  • COE High Performance Computing cluster
  • Data Loggers
  • Testing Instruments


Faculty Members

Dr. Gerald Jo C. Denoga (Head)


PhD Advisees

MS Advisees

Graduate and Student Assistants

Possible Undergraduate Advisees

Featured Publications

  • Aerodynamic Analysis of a Low Powered Hybrid Vehicle, MS Thesis, JA Balbarona
  • Methodology for Optimizing Supercapacitor-Battery Energy Storage System Specifications for Hybrid Vehicles, MS Thesis – PO Tolentino
  • Development of Design Approach for Two-Degree of Freedom Gear as a Power-Split Device for Series-Parallel Hybrid Vehicle Applications, MS Thesis – RS Jose
  • Prototyping of a Diesel-Electric Parallel-Series Hybrid Vehicle for Public Transportation, DOST Project, 2015
  • A Comparative Analysis of the Fuel Economy of Public Utility Buses in Metro Manila using an Output-Split Hybrid Drivetrain versus other Hybrid Drivetrain Configurations, PhD Dissertation, GJC Denoga, 2017