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Online Registration Procedures for the Coming Semesters

New Normal Registration Process (Office of the University Registrar)

The New Normal
  • GCQ
  • Minimizing Physical Interaction
  • Maximize Online Processing
Major Changes
  • LinkBiz Bank Payment is new normal
  • No more physical queues for Advising, Prerog, Assessments, and Payments.
Registration Steps
  1. Online Pre-Advising
  2. Enlistment (Pre-Enlistment/Waitlisting/Online Prerog)
  3. Lock Enlistment
  4. Online Post-Advising
  5. Assessment
  6. Payment Through Bank Deposit/Transfer (if needed)
  7. Print Form 5 and Sign
  8. Submit Form 5 to Home Unit
Online Pre-Advising
  • Module will be opened even before pre-enlistment
  • Suggestion is to do pre-advising before registration (Done by Department of Psychology and others) to avoid congestion during regular registration.
Online Prerog
  • All enlistments are to be done through online waitlisting. No more physical queueing at enlistment centers.
Locking Enlistment
  • Still to be done by student
More details in linked file here
Source: Office of the University Registrar